Wii Review Round-up 01


ActionLoop (WiiWare)

Great varient on the Mitchell PuzzLoop arcade games which I first experienced through MAME. Lots of single-player modes and local multiplayer make this the definitive version of the game. Mii use is amusing; especially when the marbles get close to your launcher! Definitely a worthwhile purchase.

Alien Crush Returns (WiiWare)

Worthy follow-up to the Alien Crush PC Engine original (but different enough that it’s still worth having that as well). You get three different tables (with a fourth unlocked recently) and regular unlocks of different special balls downloaded from Hudson. This game features online play and leaderboards, all sadly neglected by fickle gamers who just don’t realise how awesome a good game of pinball is. Buy it and play it online!

Boom Blox Bash Party

EA’s first Boom Blox title was great, but had a few issues in terms of level editing and level sharing, namely that the editor clearly wasn’t as full-featured as the one used to create the built-in levels and sharing was limited to people who you traded friend codes with.

This follow-up fixes all that and includes a ton more content; it’s really the definitive Boom Blox game. The only thing keeping this title short of perfection is the lack of online play. Hundreds of levels are included with new characters, new play modes, new toys for smashing and throwing blox, new physics in underwater and space levels, the editor used to build all the levels being included for player use and a seamless online contribution area where you can try out and assign ratings to levels before downloading them as well as upload your own.

Simply one of the best games on the Wii; now with 1-4 player multi-player. Thanks EA!

Disaster Day of Crisis

This is a game viewed with envy by North Americans because it has yet to get a release over there despite being a Nintendo produced title released everywhere else.

Is it a brilliant game? No, but it is a fun game. The closest thing to it I can remember playing is Die Hard Trilogy on the Playstation, but unlike that this is a single game that switches between modes rather than being three different games. Parts are action platforming where you need to save people or navigate hazards, parts are lightgun shooting where you need to battle baddies and parts have driving where you’re trying to chase down baddies or escape disasters. There’s enough variety that it never gets dragged down by its weaknesses and ends up being pretty fun. There’s skill-levelling and guns to acquire and power-up along with different difficulty levels which all add to replayability.

Despite the overblown plot and cheesy dialogue the voice acting is actually quite good and the story is interesting enough that I’ll definitely be having another go at this.