My name is Sean and welcome to my world. I decided to create a blog called Sean’s Wii World after feeling like I should have an online repository for my Wii reviews/FAQs that wasn’t tied to an account on a forum. The main reason I’ve written my reviews is because I either couldn’t find reviews for these games or the reviews I could find didn’t seem terribly fair, so in the interest of balance I’ve penned my own. I have a Japanese Wii and a UK Wii U and I live in Glasgow, Scotland.

My Wii reviews break down as follows: I bought most of my WiiWare on my old PAL Wii and most of my Virtual Console content on my Japanese Wii, so most of my reviews will tend to be for those two. For a brief time I had a North American Wii, so you’ll also find reviews of titles exclusive to that territory.

I used to write reviews and features for the excellent fan site Nintendo Life as well as this blog, so do check out Nintendo Life as they’re still the best Nintendo-oriented gaming news and reviews site around. You’ll find my guide on importing Nintendo Wii systems from Japan and North America there as well as many other opinion pieces and reviews.

This site serves as an archive for the old blog, but I may add to it in the future, so do check back from time to time.