Wii Review Round-up 02


Dr. Mario/Germ Busters (WiiWare)

During the brief time I had an NES a friend gave to me post-University (before I sold it, much to his chagrin) Dr. Mario was the only game I played on it. The Wii version adds brilliant pick-up and play online modes and a new Germ Buster mode, which, while not as addictive as the original, is still compelling. A great launch title for WiiWare and still a big seller on the service.

Equilibrio (WiiWare)

For 500 points you’re getting a good bit of fun if you like playing games with your balance board. It’s a simple bit of puzzle action where you need to tilt the play field to guide your disk/ball (it looks flat to me) past obstacles to a goal through dozens of levels. The balance board works quite well with it and it’s a fun diversion after a bit of yoga. Not brilliant, but I like the look and the sound (very nice soundtrack) and for 500 points you really cannot complain.

Excite Truck

A solid racing title that even people who don’t like racing games like me can enjoy and the controls are excellent. I’ve sold it on because Excite Bots actually looks even more mental and fun (though sadly only available in North America and Japan) – I don’t like racing games enough to have two that are so similar so I consider it an upgrade.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

I cannot say I’ve been a fan of turn-based RPGs in the past what with all the walking around and chatting to people. Thankfully this game strips that stuff out (for the most part) and is a simple series of chapters with the focus on small unit combat — it’s like playing a pen and paper wargame against a clever opponent.

The in-game tutorial is deep and quite excellent, the story is nicely done and the world is compelling and well-developed. Definitely one to check out if you’re a fan of turn-based strategy games; frankly I’m impressed Nintendo published this and hopefully we’ll see more titles like it in the future.

Geometry Wars Galaxies

I actually got this for a budget price at release time, then I sold it because I found my attention diverted elsewhere. Then I decided I shouldn’t have sold what is really an excellent game with a retro-arcade feel and bought it again. Great use of motion controls that shows how well the wiimote can replace rotary/dial controllers. The lovely vector-styled colourful graphics and frenetic gameplay that reminds me of Robotron:2084 crossed with Tempest makes this a must have.