Wii U Round-Up 1


Nano Assault Neo

Shin’en have wowed gamers in the past with what they achieved visually on the Wii in the teeny-tiny storage footprint of WiiWare and here they are doing something similar on the Wii U. For a download-only title of this size there is some pretty amazing stuff going on.

Spiritually descended from arcade games of the past, Nano Assault Neo sees players controlling a ship on what is supposed to be a cell, moving over the surface and blasting enemy microbes(?) that are encountered before hitting a kill threshold and going to the exit.

It’s fast-paced, has a varied techno soundtrack to put you in the zone and looks gorgeous. This was my second eShop purchase and if you’re a fan of good old-fashioned arcade action it’s a must have.

Nintendo Land

My first eShop purchase, Nintendo Land wasn’t something I was initially interested in, but the more I read about it the more it sounded worthwhile. Some compare it with the Wii Play collection: an assortment of mini-games that showcased the Wii Remote+Nunchuk controls of the Wii. To a degree that’s true, but the games in Nintendo Land are more fully-formed than those of Wii Play and they cover a broader range of gaming styles.

I won’t go into detail on the games themselves (you can find that information easily enough elsewhere), but suffice it to say it’s a great way to sample some of Nintendo’s biggest franchises and give you an appetite for more – just make sure you have some Wii Remotes and Nunchuks around for multiplayer.

Trine 2

Possibly the most beautifully detailed game on the Wii U thus far. Trine 2 is an action-platforming puzzle game – at least that seems like a comprehensive enough description – in which you use three different characters to work through a fantasy story about a princess and jealousy and, well, I don’t want to give it away.

It’s really geared for multi-player since some of the puzzles (largely of the “how do I get that door opened?” variety) work better with two players working in concert. If you’re on your own, don’t fret because online multiplayer complete with voice support via the Gamepad allows you to enjoy the multiplayer goodness without having someone present in your living room. I’ve enjoyed local multiplayer with my daughter and online multiplayer with a fellow Nintendo Life forumite and I think playing with others is the best way to enjoy this title. Nice to see 3rd parties supporting Nintendo’s notion that gaming should be a social activity!