Wii Review Round-up 06


Super Mario Galaxy

I traditionally dislike Mario games, but this looked like it was trying to reach a new audience and so I anticipated less of the “leap of death” gameplay that’s characterised the series since time began and more interesting environments and varied gameplay. This was a solid 3D platformer with amusing nods to its heritage, brilliant visuals and fun worlds to play in.

I’m pleased to say I got 112 stars and that Nintendo allowed for finishing the game without getting every last star. The part that most reminded me of what I dislike about past Mario games was the shadow races. I couldn’t even beat one of these so beating all 8 was outwith the realm of possibility for me. As a result, I’m extremely disappointed that every last star was needed to unlock Luigi. This removed any incentive to replay the game for me and is why I no longer own it.

I don’t understand why a major replay feature like a second character would have such a difficult requirement. Save crap like alternate endings for the %100 complete crowd, but please set a lower bar for stuff everyone would enjoy like playing the game as Luigi.

Swords and Soldiers (WiiWare)

Courtesy of Nederlands-based Ronimo Games, this is the first RTS game for the WiiWare service and it’s simply brilliant in both design and execution. The visuals are colourful and cartoony with amusingly styled characters. The 2D presentation and automated unit behaviour is perfect for people who are new to the real-time strategy genre or aren’t terribly good at it (like me!).

One of the best releases on the WiiWare service — don’t miss it!

Tetris Party (WiiWare)

It’s Tetris, what more need I say? Okay, I’m really Tetris’ed out, however there’s multiple play modes and up to six player online multiplayer. The game where you need to try to make the picture picross style is my favourite. I don’t need to tell you to get it because it’s consistently a top seller on WiiWare, so you probably already have it!

Wild West Guns(WiiWare)

The first lightgun game on the WiiWare service and a pretty decent one at that. Nice for a diversion and I like the wisecracks and the colourful characters as well as the variety of modes. Another consistent seller on WiiWare and deservedly so.

Zack & Wiki

A fun game that looks and controls well…until you get to the final stage. The last level and the Bonelich bell ringing mini-games feature the most broken controls I’ve seen on the Wii. The latter will cause your arm to fall off as you see youself timing the ringing appropriately only to be told you didn’t. These events are completely optional and could be overlooked I suppose, but the failure of motion detection in the swordfighting parts at the end of the game cannot be and I will not forgive their brokenness. The game should have been delayed to fix this and I feel the game’s praise from all quarters should be retracted because of it.

Very very poor show Capcom.