Wii Review Round-Up 29


Ordyne (Virtual Console Arcade)

A cutesy shooter from Namco that already has a pretty decent PC Engine port, but I decided to forego that in favour of the arcade original. Music is excellent and it’s a challenging little game where you shoot various critters for money which you use to buy temporary upgrades for your ship. Not brilliant, but fun nonetheless.

Rompers (Virtual Console Arcade)

Now this is brilliant. A great maze game as only Namco can make them. Your little straw-hatted chibi character needs to get all the keys Pac-Man-style and avoid monsters in order to open the door to the next level. Your only weapon is the ability to push walls over to squish the baddies who then respawn from eggs. It’s great fun and has a nice playful air about it. The only console release it ever had was on the original Namco Museum Encore in Japan, so I’ve been waiting a long time to play this on something other than a home computer and it’s wonderful, though people without a Japanese Wii are sadly out of luck.

Chō Aniki (Virtual Console PC Engine)

I actually bought the sequel before this one, but felt I should check this out before reviewing the former. Whilst there’s no question that Ai Chō Aniki is superior in every way this is still a pleasantly bizarre shooter with a good soundtrack. It’s a little bit more pedestrian than the utterly insanse follow-up, but still good fun.