Wii Review Round-Up 17


Bit.Trip CORE (WiiWare)

2nd in the Bit.Trip series, this one is possibly harder than Bit.Trip BEAT – which is saying something! Still, the sounds are excellent and the simple 8-bit Atari 2600-style visuals are impeccable. As with BEAT the Wii Remote is also held on its side, though no motion is used. Instead you need to press the d-pad in the direction the dots are coming from and then press the 2 button at the right time to eliminate them. It gets frantic at times and demands excellent reflexes. 3 levels with high-quality audio tracks are on offer as with the first game. Not for the faint-hearted or easily frustrated!

Bomberman ’94 (Virtual Console PC Engine)

This is regarded as one of the better Bomberman games from the 8/16-bit era and it’s not hard to see why. It maintains the concept of multiple worlds subdivided into stages, but rather than simply eliminating all enemies on the screen you need to retrieve pieces of a shattered emblem. There are naturally enemies to dispatch on the way and help is available in the form of a kangaroo you can ride which is able to kick bombs and increase your movement speed. The kangaroo also features in the multiplayer game which is like normal multiplayer Bomberman. The difficulty curve in the single-player game is more forgiving than Bomberman ’93 and different enough that they’re both worth having so give it a go!